Microsoft Design System

Services: art direction, design
Project Overview
When it comes to the social landscape, Microsoft Cloud Marketing had their hands full—managing 100s of social media channels and outputting 1,000s of posts a month for 16 different product groups.
My Contributions
We created a comprehensive set of guidelines and templates to support cohesion and social perspective. We implemented a "neighborhood" approach – they each needed their own look and personality that spoke to different audiences (developers, BDMs, ITDMs, but with a connected design language that felt related and allowed them to scale effectively.
Templates were created for multiple different use cases for showcasing e-books/whitepapers, tutorials, events, articles, product updates, data and more.

Each products brand guidelines served as the foundation of the visual direction, though we wanted to make sure to push and elevate the look of these templates without breaking brand guidelines.

Equipped with this scalable template foundation, our clients now have confidence in the quality of their social content and are better able to put time against what matters—gathering insights and innovating for what’s next.

Example design systems:
Microsoft Developer
Microsoft Azure
Microsoft Quantum
Visual Studio