Homeless Not Nameless

Services: Design
Project Overview
Together with Facing Homelessness, a non-profit organization in Seattle, my intern group at POSSIBLE created an activation with the intent to bridge the intimacy gap between Seattleites and the unsheltered community.

We started from a place of wanting to get people to learn each other’s names. We felt that the heart of our goal was to build connection between people and give them an experience to make a name memorable. To do this, we needed to start with a name, but also prompt conversations so that people understand and “see” the person behind the name. Homelessness as an issue can feel overwhelming, but getting to know one person’s name and building a relationship with them can be easy.
My Contributions
We created a game of giant Jenga that we set up in the middle of a public city park. Each Jenga block had a question that was meant to be answered once a participant pulled the block.

I helped lead the design effort and was responsible for designing branding, activation assets, messaging and photography.

Activation site: Homeless Not Nameless
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Leave-behind cards + button design
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